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Perneras térmicas fabricados en tejido con Lycra exterior y protección térmica interior

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    Thermo leg warmers with an ergonomic adaptation to the athlete due to a breathable material and the teflon lycra. An ideal supplement to protect you against cold temperatures without having to wear a long-sleeved garment.

    Special textile technology for cycling, consisting of microfibres, designed to ensure the best comfort of the athlete. The fabrics of Microfreh ® THERMOLITE is giving the driver a soft and cool feeling, with a first class elasticity that dissipates sweat and body heat concentrations. However, our fabric guarantees the appropriate maintenance of the internal temperature by its thermal protection for an optimum use during the winter season. Due to this advantage the equipment dries very quickly and prevents the outside temperatures from reaching the body of the athlete. The pant legs are also made with TEFLONADO ® which provides extreme protection against water and also dissipates sweat and body heat concentrations accordingly. This allows the pants to dry very quickly.


    The shape of our pant legs have been tested to achieve a perfect ergonomic fit with the aim to achieve the best possible performance. The pant legs are giving a total and comfortable freedom of movement for the athlete.


    The seams

    Not only is it necessary to have a suitable fabric and a suitable fabrication, we also developed a special seam with very high resistance. This has been designed  exclusively for the sports field for the sewing of the garments.

    Impressive colors

    We produce with the aid of a computer-controlled technology process to ensure the highest production accuracy, which is controlled by a thermal process. The process ensures that the intensity of the colors during use of the jersey, during washing or in the course of time does not deteriorate. In order to improve the entire process and to be aware of the importance of maintaining our environment as an athlete, we use high-quality ecological inks throughout this process.

    Down endSilicone rubber
    SeamsHidden / Flat
    Ergonomics of the garmentAdjusted according to the size of man or woman
    Recommended ClimateWinter
    Type of Sublimation and InkHigh Quality Sublimation and Ecological colours

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